The Starchild Children's Foundation


The Starchild Children's Foundation is a Registered Non-Profit Organization in South Africa. Reg. No. 121-033 NPO.

The Foundation was established with the aim of supporting Children in South Africa from the disadvantaged communities in the area where I live. Our programs assist in bringing Food Security to socially disadvantaged children in their homes, schools and communities.  In 2015 we will continue to bring food to those who need it most, with your help.

I am simply asking you, if you feel motivated and have enjoyed my work over the years, to assist in this Starchild Project in Africa with a donation towards the Starchild Children's Foundation. We can supply you with a Receipt for Tax Purposes if it is needed.


Images from our Christmas program 2014

Thank you to everyone who donated!

IMG 1402

IMG 1401

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