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The New Shamanism: New Earth 2019


Star Shaman Course 2019

In the New Earth we are moving towards the full embodiment of Higher Consciousness and the Light Body within the Physical Form. We are entering into a New Relationship with the Earth. A Star Shaman, or Galactic Shaman, is a Galactic Human who has the inner wisdom and the tools to work with the Earth in the process of Balancing, Healing and Manifesting this new relationship on Earth.

Shamanism is not a "religion", but rather a method whereby you are empowered to connect with the Divine and the Sacred in All Things. It is not "worshipping nature', but rather perceiving the power of the Divine Light in Nature and in all things. Nature is a powerful ally and friend in your spiritual path on the Earth.

The New Shamanism course will assist you to learn about the Path of the Shaman and to make your own connections with the Divine Light through Meditation, Ceremony and Activations. You will be taught the skills of the Shaman and will be enabled to connect with your own deeper inner power as an expanded and ascended being and as a Star Shaman.

If you complete all four levels of the Course, you will be qualified to pass these skills on as a Teacher and Practitioner of the Shamanic wisdom.

Course Facilitator: Celia Fenn PhD


The course is compiled and facilitated by Celia Fenn. Celia has many years of experience as a spiritual facilitator and has held Sacred Circles and conducted Ceremony all over the Planet in the last 10 years. She has worked in Europe, Russia, Siberia, Canada, USA and South America. She has held Sacred gatherings at Iguassu Falls in Brazil/Argentina, Niagara Falls in Canada, Glastonbury Tor at the 8/8/8, and the Great Lakes in the USA/Canada. She was also privileged to be part of a ceremonial circle at the Christ the Redeemer Statue overlooking Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Most recently, she was privileged to be invited to work at Lake Baikal in Siberia. Here, at Shamanka Rock, is the place where the first Shamans received the Sacred Fire for their ceremonies, and in 2014 Celia was inspired at this same place to bring through the teachings of the "New Shamanism" and make these available to students all over the Planet. She has also pioneered the use of the internet webinar as a means of holding energy for Global Sacred Circles and Ceremony Work.

The picture above was taken at the Barents Sea, close to Nord Kap in Norway. Celia had the privilege to do Drumming and Ceremony at Cape Point at the Southern tip of Africa, as well as Nord Kap, the northern most point of Europe, in Shamanic work linking the North and the South in the Divine Light on the New Earth grids.

The Course

There are Four Levels to the Course. Level One is the Introductory Level, where the basic skills are introduced. This is a "hands on" course, and you are asked to complete assignments for your Level One certificate. The Second and Third Levels are intensive training in Crystals, Plant Medicine, Sound and Drumming, Dream Walking and Holding Energy for Sacred Ceremony. The Fourth Level requires you to undertake a personal Shamanic project and record this in some way. This is undertaken under the supervision of the Course Facilitator.

The Course as a whole requires commitment to the path of the Shaman, but expressed in your own way as an ascended being in the New Earth.

Level One: Introductory Course

In this Course you will be taught to open and work with a Sacred Circle, also known as a Medicine Wheel, working together with the Four Directions and the Elemental Energies. You will create your own Prayer Stick for use in Ceremony, and will work with Fire, Water and Crystals. You will learn about Totem or Spirit Animals and how to call in your own Spirit Animals, as you work with the power of the Animal KIngdom. You will also be introduced to the use of the Vision Quest Technique. You will create your own Sacred Ceremony and quest for your Spirit name as a Shaman.

Level Two: Intermediate Course Modules

Module 201: Drumming and Drumming Journeys

Here you will be introduced to the use of rhythm and the pulsations of the Cosmic Heart as a method of meditating, creating inner journeys and faciltating dance experiences. You will need to purchase a drum of some kind for this part of the course. You can work with a Shaman's Drum, or with a Djembe Drum. A Shaman's Drum is a round hand held drum, and a Djembe drum is a drum that rests on the ground and can be held between the knees while playing.

The classes will be held via internet webinar and you will be able to join in an "internet drumming circle", and also you will be given exercises to do at home to allow your to develop your proficieny as a Shamanic Drummer.

Module 202: Crystals

This module is an introduction to the use of Crystals as tools for Ceremonies, Healing and Balancing. You will need to purchase or find several crystals to work with in your Sacred Bundle, or to keep in your Sacred Pouch. The focus will be on the use of Quartz Crystals, Clear, Smoky, Citrine, Amethyts, Rutilated and Rose Quartz. We will also look at some of the more recent Crystals such as Azeztulite, Kyanite and Selenite and their use in Shamamic work. We will also be interoduced to working with Crystal Skulls and the significance of the Skulls in the New Earth Grids.

Module 203: Sound and Sound Journeys

In this module you will be introduced to the use of Sound as a technique for Ceremony, Balancing and Healing. We will work with Voice, Drums, and other shamanic instruments to learn how to create a "Sound Journey". This does not require you to be a musician, but rather to be open to the possibility of sound and music in all things. A sound journey is a very powerful healing and balancing technique used by the Star Shamans.

Module 204: Plant and Tree Magic

Here we will learn about the Sacred nature of the healing or teacher plants, and how to use them for Sacred Ceremony and in Daily Life. We will also be introduced to the Wisdom and Magic of the Trees, and the special contribution of these Ancient and Wise Beings to our lives on Earth. Here you will be asked to work with specific plants, oils and remedies that are suggested by the Course Facilitator.

Module 205: Vision Quests, Sacred Purpose and the Power of your Name

In this module we will explore the Shamamic Practice of the Vision Quest. This involves searching for specific information about your life while working with the deep spiritual currents within yourself and within nature, as you become one with nature. You will be keeping a journal or log of all your journeys and experiences on your Vision Quests. You will quest for your soul mission or purpose in life at this time, as well as your true spirit name at this stage of your life.

Level Three: Advanced Course Modules

This course is planned to be taught in 2016

Module 301: Sacred Dream Work and Walking in the Dream Time

In this first advanced module you will learn how to work with your dreams, and how to use your dreams and visions as markers on the Shamanic path of wisdom. You will learn about dream symbols, archtypes, and lucid dreaming techniques.

Module 302: Sacred Dream Work and Dreaming for the Earth

In this module you will focus on Dreaming for the Earth, and how to use your skills as a "Dream Walker" to work with the New Earth and to assist in creating a New Earth Community of Love, Peace and Harmony.

Module 303: Advanced Crystal Grid Work

In this module you will extend your work with Crystals, and will learn how to create Healing and Balancing Grids for working with individuals, and also for working with the Earth and Planetary Grids.

Module 304: Advanced Work with Tree Magic and Plants

In this module you will do advanced work with the Tree Beings and with Plants. You will also work with the art of Story Telling, Poetry and Song as you wotk with the History of the Earth as told by the Trees. This is a wonderful experience!

Module 305: Holding Energy for Groups in Sacred Ceremonial Work

This module will assist you to upgrade your personal energy field so that you can hold energy for a ceremony in a group, in a community, or on a national or global basis.

Level Four: Personal Shamanic Project

In this part of the Course you will undertake a personal project in consultation with the course facilitator. You will be required to record your explorations and experiences and produce a work of some sort, a book, art, music or the equivalent, that can be shared with others as an evidence of your Mastery of the Shamanic path.


Please watch website for dates.

Level 2 Webinar

$120 USD

Webinar classes will take place on the following dates: 20 September, 27 September and 4 October 2015.

We will also have 2 ceremonies during this level 2 module on Wednesday 23 September 2015 and Monday 28 September 2015. These will take place using the Zoom Conferencing Tool

Includes attendance at webinars, MP3 recordings, course notes and access to course facilitator.


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