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SOUL STAR PRIVATE SESSIONS (One hour) and Single Question Sessions (30 minutes)

Celia Fenn offers Soul Star Private Sessions and 30 minute single question sessions.  These are offered in person online via Zoom with an audio recording, or in written form via email. If you would like to book one of these, please contact

There are 10 Private Sessions and 10 One Question sessions available in January 2020.

The Channel sessions are designed for people who would like to experience the Energy of a Channel and who seek Guidance and Support from the Higher Realms.

The session includes information about your Soul Purpose and guidance on the relationship between your Soul, Higher Self and Light Body.

The Primary Channel is with Archangel Michael, but Celia also channels the Elohim Angels and the Councils of Light, as well as the Dolphin Angels and the Sirian Masters. She also transmits Angelic Fire Healing Energy from Archangel Michael , Cosmic Frequencies from the Dolphin Angels and Light Code Frequenices from Sirius. These energies all assist in the Healing and balancing process.

Multi-Dimensional Light Body Analysis and Counselling:  Celia also can connect with your Light Body to understand where you may have issues that will affect your expression of your full Multi-Dimensional Soul Power as a Creator of your own Abundance and Reality.

For those who are more attuned to Shamanic Healing practices, Celia Fenn also offers healing and readings within the Sacred Circle and work with the Elemental energies of the Higher Dimensions.

Many people around the World have benefited from sharing in these Sessions filled with Light and Compassion.

Celia looks forward to working with you and sharing Sacred Space.

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$250.00 USD

You will need to contact Celia in order to arrange  your private session. Once booked Celia will send you the web address where you can make payment.



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