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My name is Celia Fenn and I share my work and my passion with you through this website.

I am an International and Self Employed Personal Empowerment and Creativity Teacher. Working with Spiritual Energies and through my writings, channels, books, paintings, global seminars, online webinars and personal private sessions, I will help you to find your inner power, your connection with your soul and your mission in this lifetime.

You are welcome to join our New Earth Diamond Light Community  in our ongoing conversations about Ascension and Transformation.  We gather in webinars, via the website and Facebook to share information, channels, videos and celebrations of key moments in the Sacred year.  Please join our newsletter if you would like to know more about our Group activities in the Sacred Year.

I hope to accompany you as you "fly forth" on your Journey of Light!

Please enjoy the site and the information!

2021 : The Return of the Magdalene and the "Pure Ones" (Cathars): Creating a New Earth

800 years ago it was prophesied that the Cathari, the Pure Ones, would return to the Earth to reactivate the Time Line for the path of the Feminine Christ.  In this year of 2021, the Divine Feminine Christ energy of Mary Magdalene will provide the Bridge into the New Earth.

On this website it is my aim to inform and support you as you move through these transitions to the New Earth that is birthing.!

 I offer you assistance and support in connecting with your Inner Power and the New Earth frequencies..  You can purchase "The Diamond Codes: Light Information for the New Reality" from our store which will help you to understand the New Earth Reality, you can join one of our online webinar courses, or you can benefit from a Private consultation.  There are also many free online offerings available on an ongoing basis.  You can also join our Mailing List at the bottom of the "About Celia" page.

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10th October 2021: 10/10

10/10 Portal : 10th October.
An opening in consciousness that allows us to begin creating and grounding the New Energy that is pouring in.
What will we Be and What will we create?
Intense feelings today.
For myself, feeling very tired as though I have been stretched to the limits and also feeling a bit tearful and emotional.
We are being stretched and reformed as we move into the Higher Reaches of the 5th Dimensional Frequencies.
We are being asked to rest, let go and find our "groove" in these new energies.
We need to remember that we are Energy and Light and Love and that we are here to Master these energies in Human Form. When we can focus on that and release anything that is "not love" and is not supportive of our essence and our soul, then we can rise up the frequencies and find that place where we feel that we resonate.
So, as we cross this 10/10 Portal may we dream of what we wish to create in this New Earth Reality in which our Intentions and our Love become the New Reality.

4th October 2021

So here we are in October in the midst of Libra Season.
I always associate Libra with Ma'at, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Cosmic Order and Balance.
Libra, ruled by Venus, initiates an urge for Balance and Beauty.
I must say I have felt this very strongly, despite being in a place of weirdness and strangeness that is this new land/New Earth.
In this coming week we will have the New Moon in Libra on the 6th, and the 10/10 Portal on the 10th October.
The Libra New Moon is always a time to create beauty and balance in your life, even when things seem crazy crazy, like now.
The 10/10 is a time of new beginnings as we begin to create from the new consciousness that came in during the Lions Gate.
Then we have Full Moon in Aries on the 20th October and Halloween on the 31st!
Yep it is going to be a weird and strange month in this strange new land.
It makes me think of a term that Linda Moulton Howe (love her) uses often, "High Strangeness". She uses it to describe things that are out of the normal. I really think that describes life right now!
But from this strangeness we can create the New Earth and the Life that we desire. Everything is open at the moment and we can create what we want if we focus and stay in our Heart and Master Energy.
I tend to see Earth now as a series of theatrical productions in which you can participate, or not. Or you can start your own. Or you can just Be and Observe.
It really is our choice.
It always was, but now we truly begin to understand what Freedom and Choice really mean.

27th September 2021

We are in a New Land. A New Place.
We have arrived.
There is nowhere to go except deeper within.
The New Earth is here.
Like the Phoenix we have crashed and burned into ashes.
We are exhausted and trembling.
But we are arising gently and softly.
Building a new dream.
Building a New Earth.
From day to day...from moment to moment.
Feel the New emerging
So gently
So sweetly
It is Love itself.
Have a beautiful week everyone!


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What's Happening This Month

  • libranewmoon
    6 October 2021
    New Moon in Libra

    New Moon in Libra ruled by Venus is an ideal time to initiate creative projects.

    Think Beauty, Harmony and Peace.  Create the New Earth that you want to live in.

  • 135795548 10157626612110778 2632085850666007632 n
    10 October 2021
    10/10 Portal

    This month's portal is the 10/10 - a powerful time of new beginnings.  The 9/9 last month was a time of completion.  This month is a new beginning as we step forward into the first stages of manifestation on this new spiral.  What will you create - what will you experience - in the New Earth?

  • Aries Full Moon
    20 October 2021
    Full Moon in Aries

    Here comes a powerful and volatile Full Moon : Full Moon in Aries a Fire sign with Sun in Libra.

    Aries is a powerful creative energy, but it is also explosive and can be aggressive and damaging.  Take care to stay calm and focussed on inner peace with all this fiery energy around.  Use the fire to create and manifest as a Master would!

  • dia de los muertos
    31 October 2021
    Halloween/All Saints/Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Daed)

    This is a powerful celebration of the time when the veil between the Dead and the living is thin.  It is an ideal time to celebrate our ancestors and our lineage, as they do in Latin America.  In the West it has become a "fun" holiday that has lost its real connection to the Sacred Celebration of "All Saints night" when the departed dead are honored on Earth.  Light a candle for your ancestors and connect with those who have gone before.

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