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My name is Celia Fenn and I share my work and my passion through this website.

I am an International and Self Employed Personal Empowerment Teacher and Mentor. Working with Spiritual Energies and through my writings and channels with Archangel Michael, the Elohim, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, and the Royal Star Lions, as well as  books, paintings, global seminars, online webinars and personal private sessions, I will help you to find your inner power, your connection with your soul, your mission in this lifetime and the New Earth timeline.

You are welcome to join our New Earth Luminosan Community  in our ongoing conversations about Ascension and Transformation.  We gather in webinars, via the website and Facebook to share information, channels, videos and celebrations of key moments in the Sacred year.  Please join our newsletter if you would like to know more about our Group activities in the Sacred Year.

I hope to accompany you as you step into this New Earth Reality!

Please enjoy the site and the information!

2022 : Rediscovering "The Book of Love" and Simple Joy

This is the time when we, as Humanity, reclaim our Cosmic and Galactic heritage in order to live on the New Earth timeline.  2022 will be the year of Love in which we learn how to work with The Book of Love to Create a new Reality.  What is the Book of Love?  It is the Book that was central to the Teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Cathars.  The timeline of the "Pure Ones" (Cathars) was reactivated in 2021, and in 2022 we reconnect with the Book of Love within ourselves, and the idea of Simple Joy.  Our Adventure continues!

On this website it is my aim to inform and support you as you take your first steps in the New Reality and engage with the Book of Love!

I offer you assistance and support in connecting with your Inner Power and your Heart, and the New Earth frequencies..  You can purchase "The Diamond Codes: Light Information for the New Reality" from our store which will help you to understand the New Earth Reality, you can join one of our online webinar courses, or you can benefit from a Private consultation.  There are also many free online offerings available on an ongoing basis.  You can also join our Mailing List at the bottom of the "About Celia" page.

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Lion Family Full Moon


31st July 2022

So... the buzz right now is about the Uranus, Mars and North Node astrological conjunction in Taurus, happening today 31st July, at the same time as the Lions Gate energies.
What that means is that there is a lot of powerful energy around the issues of home (whether it be your home or the Planet) and finances that is really becoming intense right now. The North Node signifies the destiny of your soul on Earth, which means that whatever issues are coming up now have a very deep impact on who and what you are.
You may find the energy is highly charged and aggressive as people struggle with these energies in their lives.
Best advice is to seek your center and your tranquility, knowing that this will pass, and that the energy wallop that you are experiencing right now is to help you to realign your path with your Soul and your Destiny.
If you feel uncomfortable right now, then it means that on a deep level your soul is guiding you to realign before the Lions Gate and the new Time Spiral that initiates at the 8/8.
Follow your inner guidance and know that all will be well. This is a big transit and we have to step up by going within and finding our answers in the place of inner Peace and Tranquility, our true "Home" while on Earth.
Have a peaceful and tranquil Sunday everyone!

28th July 2022

New Moon in Leo : July 28th
Today is the New Moon under the sign of the Lion/Lionness.
As we enter the powerful vortex of the annual Lions Gate, the New Moon invites us to be gentle with ourselves at this time.
Be in the void for a while.
And plant the seeds of the New!
What will you create in this cycle of Creativity and Manifestation.
This is the moment when you activate the Magician within and wave your Magic Wand and say:
"I create! And so it is"
May all your creations bring you joy!

27th July 2022

Here is something interesting to consider.
Comet Neowise,( image captured when it was in Earth transit in July 2020.) The Comet is still visible from Earth and is still sending Galactic frequencies).
Comets, as visitors from the Solar system and further, always bring "exotic" vibrations and frequencies to the Earth.
These are often quite subtle, but deep and Galactic.
I think Comet Neowise has been a bit of a wake up call.
Things are shifting and changing on very deep levels right down to the DNA as our original angelic and galactic templates are reawakened..
Our ancestors regarded comets as signifiers of great change and the fall of kings/governments. prepared for some BIG shifts as the Lions Gate opens up.
Physically I find I am feeling what I call "deep pertubations" or a deep level vibration in my body that is often a signifier of very deep shifts. Also I have been feeling a little nauseous and tired, and finding it hard to get to sleep.
We need to focus on the here and now, and on holding Love, kindness and compassion, even when we find people are spinning out and acting irrationally.
Focus on your dreams for the New Earth and what you want to create.
(Comet Neowise is not currently transitting our Sun but is in the Constellation of Draco right now. It is visible but not with the naked eye. Maybe something there about dragons and Earth Grids and magic and higher dimensions)
26th July 2022
26th July Galactic/Planetary New Year
And.....a New Cycle begins and new timelines unfurl for another spiral of adventure and experience.
As Cosmic Souls and Beings of Light in Human Form, we voyage through TimeSpace in an ongoing adventure of discovery and exploration.
Under the sign of the Lion and under the watchful eye of the Royal Star Lions and the Star Teachers from Sirius, we begin a new creation.
Today it is important to hold the idea of Abundance and Manifestation. Know that you can create and manifest the life that you want in the New Earth. Keep a clear intention of where you want to go, and make choices that align with that intention.
Let your Heart be Light and filled with Light!
Be kind, be compassionate and be loving.
This is a New World where the Feminine energies are becoming the new way of life.
Allow yourself to feel supported and loved.
Be open to the synchronicities and miracles that manifest in your life!
Happy New Year everyone!

25th July 2022

July 25th 2022
The Day Out of Time.
A Magical celebration of potential and possibility.
It is the zero point moment between two cycles when all is possible and it is up to us to play with the magic and decide what we want to create.
Not just in our personal lives but also for the Earth and the Galaxy.
We are multi-dimensional Cosmic Beings of Light and our Nature is to Create and Evolve through creation.
Take this day to rest, relax and celebrate.
Tomorrow begins the New Cycle as we begin to move into the Lions Gate Portal!
This is the deep in breath before we begin to move out into another cycle of Creation.
Have a Magical Day!

22nd/23rd July 2022

Today and tomorrow the Sun moves into Leo.
We are moving away from the softer energies of Cancer and into the fiery roar of the Lion.
Expect fire "works" from this point! (And this means from the Sun too. Keep an eye on those sunspots and Solar Flares).
I am finding that after a period of relatively smooth flow in my life, everything is going wrong suddenly! Those Lions are just not settling for second best, and urging us to stand up for ourselves and claim our future!
So as we move towards the Day out of Time on the 25th and the Planetary New Year on the 26th, we will be challenged to look at what needs to end in this cycle and what needs to be renewed for the new cycle.
And what we need to create.
I have been told by the Star Lions not to "settle" but to decide what I want to create and trust the process.
So, as we move into Leo and towards the Lions Gate on the 8/8, may the courage of the Lions and Lionesses be with you all!

17th July 2022

Sunday 17th July.
Even the mighty Lion needs to rest!
So many of us are getting the message to slow down and rest.
At the same time we are told that there is a new wave coming and that there will be much work to do soon!
Archangel Michael explains that it is only when we slow down and rest that we can connect with this Rising Wave that will lift us through the Lions Gate and into a new cycle of New Earth.
The energy of the new cycle will be that of the Divine Feminine, serene, peaceful and creative. Things will flow and all we need to do is align with the flow!
We cannot do that if we are rushing around trying to control every aspect of our lives. It is time to learn to surrender to our Higher Self and allow what needs to manifest to take shape.
So for now, it is time to rest under a tree.
We will know when to move with the energies.
After all, it is only a week to the Galactic New Year (26th July) and another 2 weeks to the 8/8 Lions Gate.
Then we can expect things to open out and we will see and feel the results of the expansions of the last months.
Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

16th July 2022

Intensity is the word right now.
So intense..the energy is fairly crackling around us with creative power.
I am finding it hard to focus.
I have to keep reminding myself to BREATHE!
Breathing deeply helps to open the Heart Center and that helps us to balance the Body with the Heart and the Soul.
I love Rosa-Maria Marquez 's image of the Star Lioness. She is the powerful Divine Feminine energy that is guiding us towards Lions Gate this year.
She is gentle and peaceful...but oh so powerful! She navigates the Star energies with ease and elegance!
May we all be like the Star Lioness this week end!
Love to everyone!

12th July 2022

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13th
The energy is really popping and buzzing right now. We are on the threshold of the Full Moon in Capricorn, but the Sun is also in hyper mode, shooting off C Class Solar Flares that are Earth directed with the promise of more to come, perhaps even a powerful X Class Flare.
The theme for this Full Moon is Transformation, especially of old structures, in our lives and as a Collective.
Pluto, the engine of Transformation, is still in Capricorn, and as the Full Moon transits Capricorn it will spark off Pluto producing waves of deep transformational energy. Everything that is not in alignment with your soul purpose will be removed, no matter how much you try to hold on. And you should not hold on! Let go and flow with the energies that will take you to a higher level of consciousness and a new shore of experience.
With all that powerful Solar energy around too, you may be feeling a bit weird. I have been feeling surges and flows in my body, and I feel exhausted at times, like I just want to sleep. Of course if I try to sleep, then I can't! This is the effect of intense flows of Plasma energy lighting up the Light Body and the Higher Chakras. Right now your Solar Chakra is filled with Golden Light and this is coursing through your system. So, to prevent "symptoms" remember to breathe deeply (it opens the Heart Center) and focus your energy in your Heart. Ground yourself by flowing the energy down into the Earth, and connect with your Higher Self by flowing the energy upwards and above your Head into the Soul Star Chakra. Feel this "axis" centered in your Heart and keep your balance between Heaven and Earth.
This is a powerful and creative time, the last "hop" before Lions Gate when the Portal opens and new energies stream through to allow us to create a new spiral of evolution on Earth.
Walk in Truth and Beauty Beloved Friends, under the Radiance of the Full Moon!
3rd July 2022

July is Sirius Season. It is that time of the year when the Sun rises in the sky conjunct Sirius in the Northern hemisphere. It is when Earth has "two suns" a Golden/White Sun and a Blue White Sun (Sirius). It celebrates the close and ancient connection between Earth and the Star Schools of Sirius and the Star Lions and Lionesses. In Ancient Egypt it also celebrated the Rising of the Nile and the beginning of a new cycle of Abundance that was linked to the Sacred River.
For us too, it is a time of the beginning of a new Time Cycle.
We feel the presence of the Sirian Star Teachers and the Star Lions and Archangel Michael in the intense processes of Transformation and Ascension. And new beginnings........
From the Sirian Star Teachers we learn the importance of the processes of Renewal and Transformation and of honoring these Sacred Cycles in our live.
From the Star Lions and Lionesses we learn the importance of Courage and Strength, and Trust, as we forge our path forward. Especially as we approach the 7/7 Portal of the Spiritual Warriors on Earth!
And from Archangel Michael we accept the Sword of Truth, to stand in our Power and be empowered by the Light of our Inner Truth!
We remember that we are also Galactic and Angelic Beings of Light, and that we stand now as the new Human Angels, the Shining Ones, holding Light for the New Earth.
Dear Friends, as we move into July with all its shifts and challenges, it is essential to remember who we are and to hold that balance and love in our Hearts.
It is our Time to Shine like the Stars!
Love to everyone!

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What's Happening This Month

  • Sword AAM
    7 July 2022
    7/7 Portal

    The powerful 7/7 Portal carries the energy of the Star Sirius and Archangel Michael.  It is a time for Spiritual Warriors to stand in their power and demonstrate courage and perseverance in the face of all challenges.  This year the emphasis is especially on the Divine Feminine Warrior and the Power Path of the Heart.  Expect powerful incoming Diamond Codes!

  • Full Moon and Flowers
    13 July 2022
    Full Moon in Capricorn

    The Full Moon in July is in Capricorn, the house where transformative Pluto is still found.  This means we can expect a powerful and transformative Full Moon.  Take time to center in your Heart and hold your Peace as a Powerful way to be present and aware at this Full Moon.

  • Day Lily Marney Ward
    25 July 2022
    The Day out of Time

    The day before the Planetary New Year is known as the Day out of time.  In this zero point moment of Magic and Miracles, take time to set your intentions for the New Time Cycle that commences on the 26th.

  • New Earth Joy
    26 July 2022
    The Planetary New Year and Opening of Lions Gate Portal

    On this powerful day a new Cycle of time begins for us both as individuals and as a Planet.  The Lions Gate portal also opens and begins a 2 week adventure that culminates at the 8/8 on the 8th August and closes on the 12th August!  Feel the powerful presence of the Royal Star Lions, the Sirian Star Teachers, the Elohim Angels and Archangel Michael as they guide us through the Gate into a new phase of Planetary Evolution and Ascension.

  • Lions Royal Star
    28 July 2022
    New Moon in Leo

    The Royal Star Lions are certainly all about as we enter more powerfully into the Lions Gate and celebrate the Leo New Moon.  A wonderful time to focus on our intentions for the New Cycle of Time that we are creating!

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