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11/11 Scorpio Gate : The New Consciousness : Webinar Series

Whale Cosmic 88

After the huge transformations that followed the Taurus Gate in May 2022, we now approach the Scorpio Gate Portal which is in the astrological sign opposite Taurus. The powerful reconnection with nature that took place in May 2022 allowed us to reconnect and reactivate the 6th and 7th Dimensions of Light on Earth/New Earth.  Now, in October/November 2022 we will reconnect with the Oceanic and Galactic Consciousness that will reactivate Lemurian Light Codes in our DNA and Lemurian Consciousness within evolving Humans on Earth. You are invited to join us for our 5 part webinar series where we will explore and transit these energies with Celia Fenn and Archangel Michael and the Diamond Light online Community.

Lions Gate 2022 : Transformation and Expansion in a new Cycle of Space/Time

Lions Gate Stargate Maequez

Beloved Light Family on Earth, it has been a time of rapid change and transition on the Earth in the last six months! Since the Aquarius Gate in February, you entered into a period of accelerated frequency and personal “expansion”. This was felt at the big shifts of the 22nd February and the 22nd March, as well as the Eclipses and the Equinox and the Solstice, and more recently the 6/6/6 and 7/7 Portals.

Portal de Leon 2022 : Webinars en Espanol

2022 Lions Gate Russian Language


Серия вебинаров «Врата Льва: Восходящая Волна Сознания, преобразующая энергия Божественного Женского и Новая глава в Книге Любви».

Deutsche Webinarserie zum Löwentor 2022


Die aufsteigende Bewußtseinswelle, die Transformationsenergie des Göttlich-Weiblichen und ein neues Kapitel im Buch der Liebe

Lions Gate 2022


You are invited to join our Community of Light for a Master Webinar Series for the 8/8 Lions Gate! This year the Lions Gate will be powerful and transformative.  It will be the first time that the Family of Light has worked together as "Star Navigators" to guide the Planet through the Lions Gate at the highest possible level.  This will facilitate a big leap forward for those who can access the Rising Wave of the New Earth Consciousness. This great leap forward will have positive outcomes for all of us on the Personal and the Planetary level.

6/6/6 Soul Family Celebration

Rose Pink Marquez

You are invited to join us on Monday the 6th of June 2022 for a Soul Family 6/6/6 Portal Celebration on the Zoom platform.

2022 Taurus Gate : Russian language

earth mother
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