2020 Taurus Gate : The New Earth Timeline Rises : Origins, Evolution and the Victory of Love

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There is no doubt that 2020 is a momentous year of change, transition and awakening!

To assist you with navigating these times, I am offering an online Webinar Series where you can connect with our wonderful Online Community of Light and share in receiving information for these times and participating in Activations with Archangel Michael and other Masters of Light. You will have access to each hour long session via the Zoom platform, and if you are unable to attend the live webinar session you will have access via the Video Recording on Vimeo, plus the Notes for each webinar that will be mailed to you.

On the 2nd and 3rd of April Venus will transit the Pleaides, and Alcyone the Central Sun of the Pleiades.  This will activate a stream of powerful Divine Feminine energy that will be received on Earth to assist Humanity to rise above the darkness and fear that is currently engulfing the Planet.  On the 20th April the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus, the house that rules Abundance and "Home", including our Planetary Home.  It is also the moment when we move towards the 5/5 Stargate on the 5th of May, under the guardianship of the Royal Star Aldebaran.  But this region of the Galaxy is also the home of many of our "Origin" Code Streams, notably the Pleaidians and the Sirians , both of whom have been Teachers and Stewards of the Elohim Angelic Human Template and Guardians of the Paradise Temple Earth Template.  They will be on hand to work with us as we hold the energy and the Light Codes for this Rising New Earth.

It will be a wonderful journey that we will take together as we align with the Highest Plan for Planet Earth in this time of Chaos, which is part of our Purpose at this time.

Session One :  Meeting with the "Founders", the Elohim Angelics, and the Pleaidians and the Sirians, and understanding the long term plan and project for Sacred Planet Earth and Humanity.  This will help you to understand why there is so much chaos and heaviness of Earth and how you can rise above it to align with the New Earth Timeline.  The 5/5 Stargate is the ideal time to do this, as these Sacred Time Gates are moments when we are powerfully enabled to shift our Time Lines and set new intentions.  We will prepare for the 5/5 Portal and our transit through the Gate as a Community.  Activation with Archangel Michael and the Pleiadians.

Session Two :   In this second session Integration we are asked to align with our Soul Purpose, whether as Angelic Family or as Galactic Family, and to assist to facilitate the Divine Plan for Earth.  It is "all hands on deck" as the Light Worker teams are asked to step forward and step up for the Great Awakening that is taking place and that will accelerate in the course of the year.. We prepare for the 5/5 transit. Activation with Archangel Michael, the Galactic Council and the Pleiadians.

Session Three : 5/5 Taurus Gate Ceremony with Archangel Michael, the Sirians and the Pleiadeans.

Session Four : Integration : This is the first of our two Integration sessions where we integrate the information and the Light Codes .  In this session we will claim our place in a long line of Humans who have held the Light to bring us to this point in our Ascension Timeline.  We are never alone and we are always supported, no matter how heavy the energy may seem.  We are now ready to step forward to unleash a tidal wave of Light and Beauty and Love on the Earth as we energize the New Earth Timeline and as we move forward towards the Planetary New Year (July 26th) and the Lions Gate (8th August). Activation with Archangel Michael, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. 

Session 5 : Integration : Working with the Angelic Frequencies and protection and as a means of raising your personal and community energy.  The Elohim and the Angelic Families have gifted us with powerful tools that we can use in combination with the incoming energies and Light Codes.  We will work with the energy of the Sacred Heart and the Frequencies of the New Earth to raise both our Personal frequency and the Planetary frequencies.  Under the Law of One, the work that we do to hold energy and love will be part of the Collective Field, and the stronger we become the more we can ground and activate the New Earth timeline in our lives and in the Planetary Reality. Activation with Archangel Michael, the Pleiadians and the Royal Lions.

Dates : Sundays 26th April, 3rd, 5th (Tuesday) , 10th and 17th May.

Time : 7PM/19.00 Cape Town time. Please check your local time here : https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Cost : 150 US Dollars which includes access to the Live Transmissions on Zoom, access to the Recording on Vimeo, and the Notes for each webinar in PDF written format.

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