2021 Scorpio Gate Webinar Series: Rebirthing into the New Earth

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You are invited to join our Online Webinar series for the 11/11 Portal, known as the Scorpio Gate.  We come together as a Community to share information with Webinar Leader Celia Fenn and powerful Activations with Archangel Michael and other advanced consciousness.  In this series we will be celebrating the huge shift that has occurred and looking at finding our own place and purpose in the New Earth as we transit the 11/11 Portal on the 11th of November.

The webinar series consists of 4 separate sessions of 1 hour in which we share information and activations, and one Group Ceremony on the 11/11 (11th November).  The sessions are available as live transmissions with Celia Fenn and the Community, but each session is also made available as a Recording that can be accessed online for those who cannot attend the live sessions because of time zone constraints.  There are also Course Notes made available to participants to help you to assimilate the new information.

Dates: Sunday 31st October, Sunday 7th November, Thursday 11th of November, Sunday 21 November and Sunday 28th November.

Time: 7PM/19.00 Cape Town time.  Please click here to check your local time:  https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock


Session 1 : Sunday 31st October : This is Halloween day, so a perfect time to introduce the concept of Death and Rebirth as the engine of infinite Creation, Evolution and Transformation, in an infinite Cosmos. Here we are birthing the "New You" and your new life in the New Earth Frequencies.  The Scorpio energies are always associated with the Energy of the Phoenix and the powerful process of collapse and rebirth.  The chaotic and crazy energies that are being experienced now are the gateway to "next level" experience in the New Earth Frequencies.  There will be an activations with Archangel Michael as we prepare for the 11/11 Gateway.

Session 2 : Sunday 7th November : Exploring our New Soul Path and Purpose for the New Earth and learning how the Indigo Generation is becoming the way showers for the New Earth, and how the Wise Men and Women and Elders are creating new roles for the third level of life on Earth. This is exciting new information that will assist all of us to understand how we relate to the New Earth as we prepare for the 11/11 Portal.  Another  beautiful Activation with Archangel Michael.

Session 3 : Thursday 11th November: 11/11 Portal/Scorpio Gate Ceremony :  A powerful Community experience led by Celia Fenn and working with Archangel Michael, the Elohim Angels, the Ancestors and the Sirians and Pleiadians.

Session 4 :  Sunday 21st November.  First Integration session.  The last two sessions help us to integrate these energies and information into our daily lives.  In this session we will be guided to look at "Who are You?" and "What is your purpose" in the New Earth, using a simple technique to access Soul information.  This will help you to integrate your Galactic, Angelic and Soul identity with your life on Earth.  Includes an Activations with Archangel  Michael.

Session 5 : 28th November. Celebrating the "Arrival" in New Earth Frequency.  Creating Joy, Abundance and Peace despite the chaos and craziness.  Connecting with your Human Angelic and Galactic Blueprint for life on Planet Earth in 2022 and Beyond!  Closing Activation with Archangel Michael.

Cost : 150 US Dollars includes access to all live transmissions and recordings and the course notes.

Please click on link below to make payment and book your place in the 2021 Scorpio Gate Webinars: