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2021 Scorpio Gate webinars Russian

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Серия вебинаров «Врата Скорпиона 2021г.: возрождение на Новой Земле».

2021 Scorpio Gate Webinar Series: Rebirthing into the New Earth

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You are invited to join our Online Webinar series for the 11/11 Portal, known as the Scorpio Gate.  We come together as a Community to share information with Webinar Leader Celia Fenn and powerful Activations with Archangel Michael and other advanced consciousness.  In this series we will be celebrating the huge shift that has occurred and looking at finding our own place and purpose in the New Earth as we transit the 11/11 Portal on the 11th of November.

The Royal Lions and the Teaching of the Sacred/Lion Heart

Löwentor-Webinare 2021/22: Liebe, Natur und der Mensch der Neuen Erde

Lion Flowers

Ihr seid eingeladen, euch uns zur Löwentor-Online-Webinarserie 2021/22 anzuschließen. Zusammen mit Celia Fenn, Erzengel Michael und der Diamantlicht-Gemeinschaft werdet ihr erforschen, was es bedeutet, ein „Mensch der Neuen Erde“ zu sein und die neue Erde mitzuerschaffen. Gemeinsam werden wir das Planetare Neujahr sowie die Öffnung des Löwentores und seinen Höhepunkt zum 8/8 am 8. August begehen. Wir werden auch mit den Elohim-Engeln oder Gründern, den Königlichen Löwen und den Goldenen Delphinen von Andromeda zusammenarbeiten.

2021 Lions Gate Webinars Russian

Lion Flowers

Серия вебинаров «Врата Льва 2021-22гг.»: Любовь, Природа и Человек Новой Земли.

2021 Lions Gate : The Emergence of the New Earth Human

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Dearest Family of Light, you are approaching the Planetary New Year and the Lions Gate Portal.  This is that time in the Sacred Year when you begin a new cycle of Time and Creation.

2021/22 Lions Gate Webinars : Love, Nature and the New Earth Human

Lion Flowers

You are invited to join us for the 2021/22 online Lions Gate Webinar Series.  Together with Celia Fenn, Archangel Michael and the Diamond Light Community you will explore what it means to be a "New Earth Human" and to co-create New Earth.  Together we will share the Day out of Time and the Planetary New Year, as well as the opening of the Lions Gate and its climax at the 8/8 on the 8th of August. We will also work with the Elohim Angels or Founders, the Royal Lions and the Golden Dolphins of Andromeda.

Nature, Magic and Abundance : The Way of the New Earth

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The Natural Magic of Nature and the Artificial Grid of Economics : Freedom versus Slavery

The Presence of Mary Magdalene on the Earth and the Story of Sacred Union

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It was Mary Magdalene who carried the energy and the teachings of the Christ Consciousness into Western Europe through France.

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