Dearly Beloved Souls, you stand now at the threshold of the New Earth Aquarian Age.  You are ready to complete and anchor your transition into the Multi-Dimensional New Earth. When we worked with you previously, in December of 2022, we activated the Golden Solar Heart (8th Dimensional) and the Galactic Diamond Heart (9th Dimensional) to allow you to access and ground those Higher Frequencies.  Now we are inviting you to activate and energise the Aqua Heart aspect that connects you to the pure flow of Crystalline Cosmic Water from the “Throne of God” or Source. The image of the “Water ...

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Aquarius the Water Bearer and the Activation of the Aqua Heart: the 2/2 Portal
POSTED ON 16 October 2022

Beloveds, this is a time of deep expansion on your Earth.  As a result of your transits and transitions of the last 6 months, you are now ready to align more fully with Higher Consciousness and Multi-Dimensional experience.You are now moving into the state of consciousness where you can experience the sixth dimensional frequency level which is associated with magical creation and manifestation.  This powerful frequency is activating changes and transformations in the human brain physiology. The frequency shifts the brain into what is known as the Alpha brain wave cycle, which is activated in humans generally in states of meditation and ...

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The New Consciousness: Dolphins, Whales and Angels

Ever since we exited the 3rd Dimension and began the Ascension and Transformation process, there has been much talk about Time.  We have recognised that Linear Time, the time form associated with the 3rd Dimension, is no longer adequate to describe 5th Dimensional and Multi-Dimensional experience on Earth.  Many people point to the “end of time”, as though we will exist in a time free kind of void.  However Archangel Michael teaches the concept of the Sacred Year or the Galactic year, in which Time is an aspect of the spiral creative journey of the Earth in relation to the Sun and the ...

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The 8/8 Lions Gate, the Sacred Year and the 8 Points of Light