Activating your Creativity as a Spiritual Process : Webinar Series

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Welcome to our fabulous Webinar Course for June and July!  I am so thrilled to be teaching this course, I have wanted to do this for a long time.  Since we have entered into Higher Dimensional Consciousness and the Sixth Dimension of Light, our Creativity has become such an important part of who we are and the expression of our Soul Essence on the Earth.  And yet to many of us, coming out of traditional educational systems, have lost connection with our right brain, our creativity and our heart-based intuition.

In this course we will reconnect with these aspects of self and experience the playfulness and sensuality of the Soul based intelligence of the Heart.  The course is for absolute beginners as well as practicing artists and writers.  Both can benefit from an understanding of how creativity provides a means of working with the flow of Divine Light and processing life events as you create and manifest.

This course has been constructed from my own adventures in Creativity in the last years.  I was fortunate enough to have had a "traditional" art education with Art as a High School Major followed by a Bachelors Degree in History of Art, all with honours.  But over the years, I lost my joy and passion for visual art as it became a highly competitive exercise based on how much money you could make or not make.  It was only in recent years that I discovered Intuitive painting and art, and rediscovered the Soulful Joy of working with colour and form in a creative way that expresses the Spiritual path on Earth. And also that anyone can do it, it really requires little skill or training to work with colour, form and light on the guidance of the Soul and Intuition!

I also hold a PhD in English Literature, and one of my passions has always been working with words, and writing.  This has of course always been part of my life in my articles, channels and books, but also now more recently I have discovered again the joy of playing with words and creating poetry that expresses the Joy of the Soul, as I did when I was younger.

So it will be my great Joy to explore with you the combination of words and images in a Creative Process that will activate your Creative impulses and assist you to align with your Higher Consciousness and the 6D Aspect of Soul and Self. But please note that if you prefer to express yourself through another form, such as music or dance, please let me know and we can structure the course so that it works for you as well.

In the Course work we will consider the relationship between Soul Growth and Creative Process in the New Earth energies, and how Creativity is both a Transformative Tool and a way of Manifesting a Desired Reality in life.  We will create a set of A5 size cards, using the technique of collage and/or drawing and painting, that can be used in your daily Spiritual Work.  Making your own Spiritual Tools is always so much richer than buying a set of cards that someone else designed and made!  Then we will also make a "Smash Book" that can serve as a Daily Journal for Creative thoughts and processes.  Depending on how "advanced" you are, you can also include Painting and Drawing in the Course Work.  There will be an "Advanced Level" section to each class if you really want to stretch yourself creatively!

There will be 4 classes that will be held on Zoom Video Conferencing, plus Course Notes, Videos and mp3 recordings. The classes will include information, meditations and activations, and creative practice.  I think it is going to be a great experience and I am excited to be able to offer this to you.

Dates : 19, 26 June and 3, 10 July.  For those of you in the North this will be a great Summer Project that will allow you to express and flow with the powerful Solstice energies!

Times : Sunday at 7PM Cape Town Standard Time. You can check your local time here.  

Course Fee : 120 US Dollars

Please make payment below to join our Course. Once you are enrolled I will send you a list of the materials you will need for the course: