Aquarius Gate January/February 2020 : New Webinar Series


As the New Moon in Aquarius rises we prepare to enter the Aquarius Gate, a powerful TimeSpace portal guarded by the Royal Lions of Sirius and Regulus.

The Portal opens and is available most powerfully on the 2nd February (02/02/2020).  You are most welcome to join our Aquarius Gate series of webinars so that you can transit the energies together with a loving community of heart centered light family.  Together we will integrate the energies of the recent Full Moon Eclipse and Pluto/Saturn Transit, and then prepare for the almost immediate entrance into the Aquarius Gate,  a Time Gate under the influence of the Royal Start Formalhaut in the Constellation of Aquarius.

Then we will proceed to integrate those energies together with the Royal Lions and under the Guidance of Archangel Michael. This will be essential information for moving forward in 2020 with confidence and empowerment no matter what happens in the Reality Planes.

I hope that you will join us!

The series will be online using the Zoom Platform.  Everyone is invited to the Live transmissions, but if you cannot attend you will be sent the recording as a Vimeo video, and a set of class notes to help you to integrate with the class.  Each session is an hour in length and includes an activation of about 20 minutes, and there is time for questions from the community and the end of the session

Session 1 : Sunday January 26th : Our first session will be a powerful integration of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (10th January) and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction (12th January) and then straight into preparation for the powerful Aquarius Gate that leads in to the New Golden Age of Light for those who make this choice. There will be an activation with Archangel Michael and the Royal Lions.

Session 2 :  Sunday February 2nd :  The Aquarius Gate.  Under the Light of the Royal Star Formalhaut and in the presence of the Elohim Founders, we will transit the Aquarius Gate 2020 into the Golden Age of New Earth.  This will be a Ceremony and you will be guided as to how to participate in the Ceremony with the Community. Activation with the Elohim and Archangel Michael and the Galactics.

Session 3 : Sunday February 9th : Integration : After the Aquarius Gate, how to use the  flow of Crystalline TimeSpace as a Creative matrix for the New Earth.  This session will support you in moving forward to more powerful creations on your New Earth timeline.  You will no longer feel constrained by the old timeline but will focus on the New Earth timeline where manifestation is more pure and transparent.  Activation with the Elohim and Archangel Michael.

Session 4 : Sunday 16th February : Integration : The Royal Lines/Lions of the Galaxy and the Angelic Founders.  In this session you will come to a better understanding of the relationship between the Angelic Founders (the Elohim) and the Galactic Families.  This will be a "Family Reunion" as you feel your own origins in this Creative Project and are welcomed by those who are supporting your journey of Ascension into New Earth. Activation with Archangel Michael and the Elohim and the Royal Lions.

Session 5 : Sunday 23rd February :  Integration.  The Ones who wear the Crowns!  We will look at the Royal Nature of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine under this new Flow of Divine Creative Energy.  You will feel empowered to take up your own Crown of Diamond Light and will be given suggestions on how to wear your Crown with Grace and Compassion.  Activation  with Archangel Michael and the Royal Lions.

The time of the sessions will be 7PM Cape Town time.  You can check your local time here :

The payment for the Webinar Course is 150 US Dollars.  Please make payment below to reserve your place :