Embody your Master Energy in 2016 : Webinar Series February/March 2016

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Image by Fiona Owen at http://johnandfionaowen.weebly.com/

We are happy to open the Global Webinar Room for 2016 sessions!

Welcome to our first Webinar Course Series.  In these popular webinar gatherings Celia Fenn will be your guide and facilitator, working together with Archangel Michael and the Ascended Beings of Light.

This course will assist you to fully embody your Mastery in the challenging year of 2016.  You will receive information and guidance in the webinars which are held via the Zoom Cloud Conferencing facility.  This is a video/audio app that can be used on  Computer, Tablet, and Smart Phone devices, and there is also a free line for telephone links.  In addition you will receive a set of Course Notes and and Mp3 recording for each webinar, so if you are unable to attend in person, you can still benefit from the material.  The course notes and recordings are sent to participants right after the class.

Course Dates : Sunday 28th February, Sundays 6, 13, and 20th March.

Course Times : 7 - 8.00 PM South African Standard Time/ Cape Town. (GMT +2).  Check here for your own time zone.

Course Outline :

Session One : Earth/Sky Embodiment.  Fully activating your 13 Chakra Earth/Sky flow system.  Understanding your Sacred Connection to the Earth and your Earth Body, Earth Star Chakra and Earth Heart.  There will be an intense meditation and activation with Archangel Michael to activate the Three Hearts, the 13 Chakras and the Sacred Earth connection.

Session Two : Finding your Soul Team and your Ancestral Clan : Information on how to attract and gather those beings who will be part of your Soul Team as you prepare for the Lion's Gate Star portal and the Planetary New Year in July/August.  There will be a Global Group meditation to initiate your connections to your Soul Team and your Ancestral Clans.

Session Three : Living within your Spiral Vortex and Energy Shifting on your Time Spirals : In this class you will learn more about the power of the ascending/descending currents of light and energy in our Light Body vortex and how to flow with this energy into new manifestations and creations.  There will be an activation with Archangel Michael to open the Heart Center and energise the Earth/Sky currents to facilitate the Mastery of Time and Time Spirals.

Session Four : Equinox Activation and Acceleration to the next level of your Personal Time Spirals.  On this day before the March Equinox, we will come together for a Special gathering and Ceremony to honor the Earth's Equinox changes and to work with the rising energies to lift our personal frequencies to a higher level of soul expression on our Time Spirals.

Course Fee : 120  US Dollars.

Please pay below if you would like to accept this opportunity and to reserve your seat in the Global Webinar Room for our February/March sessions.

Our Class is now full and there are no more places available.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you will join us for future webinars!