Galactic Shamanism Level 2 : Plant and Tree Medicine

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You are invited to join our Level Two Course Module 204 : Plant and Tree Magic.

This course is open to everyone who has completed the Level One Foundation course and completed their Level One assignment. Also all Level Two students who are engaged with Level Two work.

The Module is taught online via the Zoom Webinar platform.  Students will have access to the live class as well as a Vimeo recording of the class and Class Notes.

Dates : 1st, 8th and 15th July 2018.

Time : 7PM Cape Town time.

Cost : 130 US Dollars

Module 204: Plant and Tree Medicine

Here we will learn about the Sacred nature of the healing or teacher plants, and how to use them for Sacred Ceremony and in Daily Life.

We will also be introduced to the Wisdom and Magic of the Trees, and the special contribution of these Ancient and Wise Beings to our lives on Earth.

Here you will be asked to work with specific plants, oils and remedies that are suggested by the Course Facilitator.

Your assignment in this module is to make your own Flower Essences for personal use and for healing.  This is an easy and wonderful skill to learn, and every Shamanic practitioner should be aware of how to work with the plants and flowers that grow in their area.  Even if you live in a city apartment, plants and herbs can be grown in containers or purchased fresh cut from organic stores.

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