Galactic Shamanism Level One : Introductory Course

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Galactic Shamanism :  Level One Introduction

Welcome to our School of Shamanism and our basic Level One Course.  

When you complete Level One and Level Two, you will qualify for our Shamanic Practitioners Certificate.

You  can read more about the entire course here.

In the Introductory Course, you will be taught to open and work with a Sacred Circle, also known as a Medicine Wheel, working together with the Four Directions and the Elemental Energies. The Sacred Circle is a multi-dimensional tool that enables you to work with the Earth Reality as well as the Higher Dimensions.

 You will  also learn about traditional shamanic Totem or Spirit Animals and how to call in your own Spirit Animals to you, as you work with the power of the Animal Kingdom. You will also learn to work with the Elemental energies of Fire, Water, Air and Earth and to link that to the vertical axis of Spirit through the dimensions.

You will also be introduced to the use of the Vision Quest Technique. You will create your own Sacred Ceremony and quest for your Spirit name as a Shaman.

You will also make your own Prayer Stick as the first shamanic tool that you make for your collection of Shamanic Tools.  All shamans make their own tools by hand that will express their own creativity and spirituality.

Welcome to the Shaman's Journey!

Dates : Saturdays 19th and 26th May and 9th June

Time : 7PM Cape Town time

Cost : 130 US Dollars.  This includes access to the one hour online classes via Zoom technology, as well as access to the class recording via Vimeo.  You will also receive class notes and images.  You will be required to complete the assignments of the course.

Please pay here to sign up for the Introductory course.