Galactic Shamanism Level Two :Crystals

Crystal grid ab
Image by Deb Aura Araznu

I will be offering the Level Two Module 202 : Crystals in Shamanic Healing and Practice in the Zoom Online webinar room.

There are 3 classes in the Module.

We will work with the personal use of Crystals and using Crystals in Ceremony.

We will also work with Crystal Lay Outs and Grids as part of healing and balancing.

And we will make our own Crystal Wand for use in Ceremony and Healing sessions.

This will be the last Shamanism Level Two class on offer for this year, so if you are aiming to complete your Practitioner Certificate in the first half of 2018, please don't miss this course!

Please begin gathering your crystals.  You will need "chakra stones" in the chakra colors, and as many small clear quartz points as you can gather.  Also any personal crystals that you may use in your spiritual work. I will send you more information once you sign up for the module.

Dates : Sundays 3, 10 and 17 December.

Time : 7PM Cape Town Time.

Cost : 120 USD.  This includes access to the classes, Course Notes and access to the Vimeo recordings of the classes.