Galactic Shamanism : Level Two : Sound Journeys

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Galactic Shamanism Level Two : Module 203 Sound Journeys

 Welcome to our Level Two online training for the Galactic Shamanism Practitioner Certificate.  You are eligible to take this module if you have completed the Level One Introductory Module, or you are planning to take the Introductory Module with this Level Two Module.

The Sound Journey Module will introduce you to the use of Sound as a technique for Ceremony, Balancing and Healing. We will work with voice, drums and other shamanic instruments to learn how to create a Sound Journey.  This does not require you to have musical training or be a musician, but rather to be open to the possibility of music and sound in all things.  Every living being has its own sound or tone that contributes to the music of the Cosmos.  The Shaman creates a wave of tone and sound that becomes a means of healing and lifting the spirit of those who participate in the Sound Journey.  The Galactic Shaman can hear and create the sounds of the Earth and also the Stars and the Galaxies.

In our course we will work with a combination of traditional and galactic techniques.  As a Shamanic student you will also learn how to make your own Rain Stick to add to your Shamanic tools.

We look forward to welcoming you to our course.

If you would like to read more about the Shamanic Course, please click here.

Dates :  Sunday 11, 18 and 25th March 2018

Times : 7 PM Cape Town time

Course Fee : 130 US Dollars . This includes access to the Zoom Online Webinar Room for the 1 hour class and access to the recording of the class.  Course Notes and Images.  

Each student will need to complete the assignments for the Module, which will be given during the course teaching.

Please pay here in order to sign up for the Sound Journey Module.

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