Galactic Shamanism School 2017/18

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We are commencing Courses for the 2017/18 learning year in October.

You are invited to join us for online tuition in the skills and techniques of the New Shamanism.  

Our first class of Galactic Shamanism students have just graduated after an intensive training which included group classes, training in ceremony, ritual and healing, and making their own shamanic tools.

The training is done via online webinar classes which you can attend live, but video recordings are also provided if you cannot attend the class.  Notes are provided so that you can build up your own handbook.  You are also given tasks and assignments with each Module that you complete.

The First Level is the Introductory Level in which you are introduced to the basic concepts and ideas.

The Second Level includes training in Drumming, Plant Medicine, Crystals and Crystal Healing, Sound Journeys and Vision Quests and Dream Journeys.  On completion of Level One and Two, you will qualify as a Shamanic Practitioner.  You can then go on to Level Three, which is the Advanced Practitioner Level and Level Four which is the Master Practitioner Level.

You can read more about the Course here.

We will be offering Level One and Level Two : Drumming Module in October.

Dates: Level one : Saturdays 21st and 28th October and 4th November at 7.00PM South African Time via Zoom.

Dates Level Two : Sundays 22nd and 29th October and 5th November at 7.00PM South African Time via Zoom.

Students who are beginning their studies may select to do both Level One Introductory and Level Two Drumming if they feel that they would like to continue with Shamanic studies.  Otherwise they may select only Level One.

Students who have completed Level One and some of the Level Two modules can take this opportunity to complete their Level Two modules.

Here are the sign up links :

Level One : Introductory Course

Level Two : Drumming and Drumming Journeys