Global Summit Special Webinar

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The Diamond Consciousness and the Energy of Re-Genesis : The Next Step in the Ascension Process

You are invited to a special one hour online webinar with Celia Fenn where you can learn more about your Galactic inheritance and the Galactic Diamond Codes, as well as the Diamond Children and the powerful Eco-Spirituality that these children are brining to the Earth.  

The next Step in the Ascension process is to truly bring Heaven to Earth in a process of Inner and Outer ReGenesis.

You will be meeting with the "wild" inside in order to create a Paradise where now there is only desert.  This begins with Diamond Consciousness, Clarity and Inner ReGenesis.

Please join us on Sunday 8th April at 7PM Cape Town time for our special online webinar in the Zoom Webinar Room.  You will have audio and video access to the Zoom Room where you can participate in the webinar and ask questions and share information.  There will also be a recording of the webinar that will be made available to you.

Time : Sunday 8th April at 7PM Cape Town time (GMT + 2)

Payment : 33 USDollars (discounted from 45)

Please make payment below and you will be sent more information.