Sacred Union 11/11/8 and the Alchemy of Transformation: An Online Webinar Series

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As we approach the 11th of November (11/11/8), we are reaching the culmination of the waves of energy that were first released at the 8/8/8 in August.  These Star Gates or Energy Portals are windows of opportunity when we can align ourselves and our Multi-Dimensional Light Bodies with the incoming energies by working together as a dedicated group of Light Family.  Our focus will be on finding our own Inner Balance within this Sacred Union process, and also focussing on extending this balance to all Humanity and our New 5th Dimensional Earth.

In this Online Webinar, Celia Fenn as Course Leader, will assist you to understand the true meaning of Sacred Union or Sacred Marriage and the alchemical processes of transformation and ascension, and how this can help you to align with and integrate the powerful incoming energies.  We will also explore the energies of the New Sacred Divine Masculine Luminosity and its relationships to the Sacred Divine Feminine.

This course will also help you to understand why so many of the older concepts of Spiritual Transformation no longer seem to work for many people. It will also assist you to a new perception of your Spiritual Transformation and Evolution.  Be prepared to challenge old ideas and consider new perceptions as you come to understand your true Divine Essence! By going back to "basics" we can understand how this New Earth works and how we can use our Metaphysical and Alchemical knowledge to support a creative life aligned with Spirit.

We will join together for a Special Ceremony and Activation on the 11/11/8 (11th November) to align as a group with the balancing or Sacred Marriage of the New Divine Sacred Masculine with the Divine Sacred Feminine.

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All webinar classes will be live and not pre-recorded.  We will explore

*The true metaphysical and alchemical meaning of Sacred Union and how it relates to the process of Ascension and living in the 5th Dimension.

*The Sirius Star Nation stories about the Creation of the Cosmos, and how we understand the nature of Cosmic Energy and our place in the Cosmos.

*The Grail Codes and the work of the Avatars Yeshua and Mary Magdalene to provide the Ascended Body Template through the Grail stories.

*Relationship and partnership in the New Earth.  Conscious agreement and Conscious Creation in Sacred Union.

Dates and Times

To check you local time with South African Standard Time SATS Cape Town please go the World Clock Here.

1. Sunday 8th November at 7.00PM SATS : Sacred Union with Activation by Archangel Michael.

2. Wednesday 11th November at 7.00PM SATS Ceremony and Activation with the Masters of Light and the Star Nations.

3. Sunday 15th November at 7.00PM SATS : Sirian Light Codes with Divine Sacred Masculine and Ra-Hotep

4. Sunday 22nd November at 7.00PM SATS : The Grail Codes and our Ascension Vehicle and working with Conscious Relationship.

5. Sunday 29th November at 7.00 PM SATS : Question and Answer session.  This will be your opportunity to ask questions and receive clarifications for any issues that might have come up in the course.


The payment for the course is 120 US Dollars.

This includes attendance at all sessions in the Online Video Conferencing Facility, as well as mp3 recordings and Course Notes that you can use for study in your own time.

To make payment via Paypal, please make payment at this link.