School of Shamanic Studies : The New Shamanism 2017

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We are happy to let you know that the School of Shamanic Studies in the New Shamanism, or Star Shamanism, will be opening for 2017 at the end of March.

We will be offering two courses : the Level One Introductory Course and the Level Two Course on " Tree and Plant Magic".

The Introductory Course is open to everyone.  Level Two is only open to those who have completed the Introductory Course.

You may take Level One and the Level Two Module at the same time if you wish.

Each course consists of three online classes via Zoom Video Conferencing, with written notes and access to a video recording of the online class in Vimeo. If you are unable to attend the live classes due to time constraints or other commitments, you can work with the video class recordings which are made available immediately after the class.

There is also a project that must be completed by each student before they are considered to have passed the module.

You can read more about the course here : New Shamanism Course

The courses are an eclectic presentation of Shamanist and angelic techniques of Healing and Ceremony that will enable you to do Ceremony for our Sacred Earth, for Groups of People, or simply working by yourself for the Greater Good of Planet Earth in her Transition and her Reconnection with her Galactic heritage.  We honor the Earth as we honor our roots in the Galaxy and the Cosmos.

Level One : Introductory Course.

 Dates Saturdays 25th March, 1st and 8th of April.  At 7PM South African Time.

Once payment is made you will be given the link up details for the online classes.

In this Course you will be taught to open and work with a Sacred Circle, also known as a Medicine Wheel, working together with the Four Directions and the Elemental Energies. You will create your own Prayer Stick for use in Ceremony, and will work with Fire, Water and Crystals. You will learn about Totem or Spirit Animals and how to call in your own Spirit Animals, as you work with the power of the Animal Kingdom. You will also be introduced to the use of the Vision Quest Technique. You will create your own Sacred Ceremony and quest for your Spirit name as a Shaman.

Level Two : Tree and Plant Magic

Dates : Sunday 26th March, 2nd and 9th April.

Once payment is made you will be given the link up details for the online classes.

In this course we will enter into the Magic of the Tree and Plant Kingdom.  Of course, this is a vast subject with much wisdom, but this will be our introduction to the way in which a Shaman can work with the Higher Dimensional Energies of the Tree and Plant Beings.  We will study the Magic of Trees, and their special energy as Beings with their Roots in the Earth and their Crowns in the Galaxy. We will learn about their "Tree Communities" and they ways in which they communicate with each other and with us.  We will look at the use of Plant Essential Oils in Healing and Ceremony, and the healing and balancing energies of fragrances .  Finally we will learn how to conduct a Cacao Ceremony, working with the magic of Cacao or Chocolate to open the Heart and create Spirit Pathways in Group Ceremony.