Soul Voyager : The Goddess and the Garden Intuitive Painting Course

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Intuitive Painting and Soul Voyaging :  Series 2 in December 2017 and January 2018

Welcome to our second series in the Soul Voyager Intuitive Painting series.

This is an online tuition series using the Zoom Webinar platform.

In the first course we focussed on developing a "free" and creative approach to painting with Acrylic paint on paper and canvas.

In this course we will build on that foundation by learning how to develop our skills in depicting the human form, especially the face.

The course is open to those who have done the first course, but we also welcome anyone who would like to experience Intuitive painting with a Soul component.  It is also open to all levels, from complete beginners to advanced artists.  I think everyone will learn something from this approach.

As we explore the energy of the Divine Feminine we will also learn how to create proportion in the face and body and how to draw/paint eyes, noses and mouths so that these flow easily in an intuitive painting.

As we explore Nature we will also consider painting flowers in an intuitive way by observing how flowers are formed in nature.  We will work with drawing/sketching in pencil and basic watercolor techniques.

Classes are live on Zoom and are not pre-recorded.  We work as a group following the energies.

Dates: December 2, 9, 16, 23 and January 21 and 28th. 6 classes.  There will be time at the end of December and the beginning of January for you to integrate and practice before the last two classes.

Class 1 : The Divine Feminine and the Goddess in the Garden.  Faces and Forms.

Class 2 : Refining the Face: Eyes, noses and mouths .

Class 3: Profiled and 3/4 views.

Class 4 : In the Garden : The Magic of Flowers and the Idea of Flowers.

Class 5 : The Body: Proportions and the Idea of Human Form

Class 6 : The Nude in the adventure in Form and Color!


Acrylic Paints


Paintbrushes.  Soft and especially size 0, 2 and 4.  Also 2 sizes of Foam brushes for larger paintings.

HB, 2B and 4B drawing pencils. Eraser.

A3 size Pad of Multi-Media Paper

Water Color Paper or Pad

Sketch Book or Art Journal

2 x Canvas for larger paintings


The cost of the course is 150 US Dollars, and this includes access to the Live Classes as well as the Vimeo recordings of the sessions, plus also notes and extra videos where applicable.

Let's paint together and Voyage with our Souls on a Creative Adventure!

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