The 11/11 Gateway : Online Webinar Course with Celia Fenn

11 111

Welcome to our online Webinar Course for the 11/11 Gateway!

The energies in the last few months have been particularly powerful as we navigate the completion of the year of Mastery (9/9/9) and begin to move towards the New Beginning of the 1st of January 2017 (1/1/1).

The 11/11 Gateway on the 11th of November creates a powerful Inner Portal whereby we can access the rising energies of the New Wave of Creation, and begin to align our Dreams and Creations with the New Dreams and Creations of the New Earth.

Part of the work of the webinar will be to keep a personal Journal where you can record and explore the ideas and energies that arise as you transit the 11/11 portal. There will be an online video that will assist you to work with setting up your journal and making entries to chart your progress and to express the passions and dreams and desires of your Soul and Spirit. 

The 11/11 will be the moment when Soul, Spirit and Body come together to create and express the path forward through intuitions and guidance that will manifest in your life and through your ongoing creative dialogue with your Soul. Be Present.....Be Aware....and join with us for this wonderful Webinar Series that will include guided Activations with our Beloved Archangel Michael. On the 11th of November at the 11/11 we will join together for a Global 11/11 Ceremony.

The Course Fee includes access to the Zoom Video Conferencing Facility for the Live Sessions; Access to a recording of the Live Session on Vimeo; Access to Course Videos on Vimeo; a set of Course Notes that will be mailed to you.

The Webinar Dates : Sunday October 30th, Sunday November 6th, Friday November 11th (11/11 Ceremony) and Sunday 13th of November.

October 30th : The Master that you Are and your Creative Soul Essence.  How to connect with and express this Energy.

November 6th : The New Beginning and the Guidance of your Soul.  What will you create/manifest and express?  What is your deepest soul desire at this time.

November 11th : 11/11 Ceremony with Archangel Michael and they Crystal Devas to transit the 11/11 Gateway.

November 13th : The Path forward to 12/12, the Solstice and the 1/1/1.

Times: All sessions at 7.00PM South African Standard Time.

Materials: You will need a Journal to write in, or an  Art Journal, depending on your choice, and writing and/or painting materials if you choose to paint. The mode of expression is up to you.

Course Fee : 120 US Dollars .  Please make payment below to join our Webinar Course.  There are 100 seats available and these are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.  We look forward to working with you!