Webinar Series :The Aquarius Gate of 2018 and Accessing the Path of the Lion Heart


The year of 2018 opens with the powerful energy of a Blue Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 31st of January.

This Eclipse is linked energetically to the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo in August 2017, and continues the cluster of Leo/Aquarius Gates and Eclipses that are anchoring the New Earth Frequency on Planet Earth with the assistance of the powerful Light Codes from the Galactic Center and the Star Nations of Regulus and Sirius.

I will be offering a series of 4 online Webinar Classes that will assist you to understand the incoming energies and to integrate them as effortlessly and elegantly as possible.

You are invited to be part of a Planetary Group that will work together to integrate and ground these energies for the rising New Earth Frequency.  The more of us who are able to connect with this frequency and hold it in our Hearts and Souls as well as our physical bodies, the more rapidly will the New Earth manifest on Earth!

The sessions will be on Sunday the 28th January, the 4th and 11th February and Thursday the 15th February.

Webinar 1 : Sunday 28th January : Preparation for the Blue Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 31st January. We will also prepare for the Aquarius Gate opening which occurs on the 2/2, the 2nd of February.  The Aquarius Gate is, in terms of the celestial zodiac, directly opposite the Lion's Gate in Leo.  The streams of powerful energy from the Galactic Center are now activating both the Aquarius Gate and the Lion's Gate.  At the Aquarius Gate we begin to feel the "rising" of the energies that will culminate at the Lion's Gate and the Planetary New Year in the next cycle.  As we pass through the Aquarius Gate of 2018, we will have access also to the Path of the Lion Heart which is gifted to us from the Star Elders of Regulus.  We will also share an activation with Archangel Michael and the Star Elders of Regulus in the session.

Webinar 2 : Sunday 4th of February.  The Path of the Lion Heart and the Aquarius Gate.  What does it mean to walk the path of the Lion Heart. The role of the Fourth Dimension and Time Codes in understanding the New Earth Reality and the New Frequencies. Accessing the King/Queen or Royal Energies as a means of Empowerment in the creation of your New Earth Reality in 2018. Understanding the Gift of the Solar Crown of Gold and the Path of Gold.  Activations with Archangel Michael and the Royal Solar Lions.

Webinar 3 : Sunday 11th February. Preparing for the Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius and fully integrating the Aquarius Gate Time Codes.  Walking the Royal Path of the Sun towards the Lion's Gate of 2018 through the Sacred Year.  The Role of the Golden Light of Christ Consciousness and the Diamond Light of Full Galactic Awareness. Activations with Archangel Michael and the Star Elders of Sirius, including Sekmet and Ra.

Webinar 4 :Thursday 15th February.  Ceremony for the Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. This Eclipse will activate the Southern Hemisphere, touching on Antarctica and the Southern Atlantic and Indian Oceans, as well as the Southern parts of South America, most notably Argentina and Chile. Antarctica hold powerful Light Codes for the New Earth which will be activated, as well as a wave of powerful cleansing energy that will release many old patterns in Latin America and make way for New Energies that will align with the ancient wisdoms of the Indigenous peoples and their Star Ancestors.  As we travel the Time Lines and the Star Gates, we will enter into Activations and Ceremony with the Star Elders and the Archangels to celebrate these Planetary and Inner Activations.

Times for Webinars : All webinars are held at 7.00PM South African time.

                                       You can check your Time Zone here.

Place : All webinars are held in the Online Zoom Cloud Conferencing Room.  You will be given access to the Room once you have reserved your place.

Payment : For the 4 Webinars is 130 US Dollars