The Bridge : Webinar Series January/February 2019


Wow!  2019 is beginning is such a powerful way!

I am so happy to invite you to a new online webinar series that will assist you to integrate and work with all these powerful new energies that are "landing" on the Planet in the coming weeks.  Firstly, there will be 2 Eclipses and a powerful Star Gate, the Aquarius Star Gate, which will be opening and culminating on the 2/2 (2nd February).

Then there is also the emergence of the powerful New Masculine heralded by the Mars/Chiron and Pluto/Capricorn transits.  This will be called the Path of the Aqua Rose, in which the old patriarchal phallic and aggressive male symbols are replaced by symbols more suited to the New Earth based in Love and Harmony. There will be much healing needed here as the patriarchal masculine "insert", which is not "natural" to Earth, is removed to allow for a true expression of the Divine Masculine Energy.

And, we will begin creating our own Rainbow Bridge that will allow us to access the New Earth.  This Aquarius Time Gate is the optimum moment for us to link our own Time Spirals with those of the emerging New Earth by creating our own Rainbow bridge that will literally transport us to the New Earth and also allow us to move between the different dimensions as we choose.

Yes, it is an exciting time, and I am thrilled and honored to be able to offer you information and activations that can assist you to master your own process as a Master of Ascension. Please join me, and Archangel Michael as well as the Royal Lions who are the Guardians of the Aquarius Gate and Lea, the Master Teacher from Alpha Leonis/Regulus who will bring updates to the Lion Codes.

How The Course Works

Once you have signed up for the Course, you will have access to the Direct Audio-Visual Broadcast via Zoom.  Zoom is free to you and easy to access.  You also will have access to the recording of the broadcast which will be made available online to participants only via Vimeo, which is where I keep my personal online channel.  So, if you are unable to make the original broadcast because of personal commitments or time zone issues, the material will still be available to you on demand for as long as it is stored on Vimeo, which will be at least 5 years.

You will also be sent Course Notes in written form that will help you to integrate the information.

And of course there will be channeled activations from Archangel Michael, the Royal Lions and other Star Teachers and Angelic Beings to assist you on your path.

The Dates and Sessions

1. Sunday 20th January : This is the Day before the Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo, and signifies the opening of the powerful  Aquarius Time Gate. Here we will work with Archangel Michael and Lion Teacher Lea to align our Time Spirals with those of the New Earth as the Gate opens.  Lea will also explain why this is an optimal moment and a wonderful opportunity.  Archangel Michael will introduce us to the Path of the Aqua Rose....and we will be all set for the crazy magic ride through the Aquarius Gate! There will be a group activation with Archangel Michael.

2. Sunday 27th January : Integration of the Eclipse Energies.  In this class we will have a full overview of the New Masculine and how we can integrate.  We will work with Archangel Michael in an activation to remove the partriarchal masculine "holographic insert" and to allow the free flow of the Yeshua Christ Divine Masculine in our Light Body.  This will be a powerful process and will be illuminated by the Light Codes coming through the Gate. There will be an activation with Archangel MIchael and the Royal Lion teachers.

3. Saturday 2nd February : the 2/2 Time Gate Ceremony.  This is not an information session, but rather a Sacred Ceremony to anchor and integrate the powerful evolutionary energies. Also present to guide the process will be Archangel Michael and the Royal Lions.

4. Sunday 10th February : Integration of the Rainbow Bridge.  The last two sessions are devoted to spiritual and physical integration of the material and the incoming codes with the assistance of Archangel Michael.  The first "integrational" will work with our "bridge" and connecting into New Earth and being New Earth in an effortless way that brings Joy to your Heart and Soul.  There will be a guided Activation with Archangel Michael.

5. Sunday 17th February : Integration of the Aqua Rose.  In this session Archangel Michael and Master Lea will explain why we cannot ascend to the New Earth if we are still operating from the old earth patriarchal template, and why it is so important to allow the Angelic Fire to dissolve the insert and create a new template.  You may be called to helps others to understand what is happening, and why the patriarchal masculine seems so prominent and why it is being dismantled both in the individual light body and in the collective consciousness as a prelude to creating a more balanced and loving Planet.

Times :  All Sessions are at 7PM Cape Town time.  You can check your local equivalent here :

Payment : The payment for the course is 150 US Dollars.  This includes access to the Zoom Online webinar room and the subscribed group via audio-visual technology.  You can see others and participate in the group chat and the Q&A after the session.  You also have access to all the recordings and the Course Notes.  You can sign up below: