The Lady of the Lake : Uberlingen 2017 with Celia Fenn

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Please join us for a wonderful week end of Sacred Gathering and Community at the Bodensee in Uberlingen.  Where Germany, Switzerland and Austria meet at the Magical Lake Constance/Bodensee, we will celebrate the Anchoring of the Divine Feminine Energy in this Sacred Vortex point in Europe.  We will celebrate and activate the Divine Feminine in ourselves through sharing in Community, Activations, Meditations, Creativity, and Ceremony!

Private Sessions with Celia Fenn and Archangel Michael/Lady of the Lake will be available before and after the seminar.

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Dates : Friday 15th to Sunday 17th of September. We will meet together on Friday evening, and then Saturday and Sunday.

The Seminar will be in English with German translation.

Program :  On Friday evening we will come together to meet together and create community.  We will share in an evening of discussion, meditation, ceremony and channeling with Archangel Michael and the Lady of the Lake. The focus will be on creating and sharing a unified field of higher consciousness for all participants, so that all may experience the Love, Joy and Compassion of the New Earth.

On Saturday we will explore the Energy of the Bodensee and the presence of the Lady of the Lake.  In exploring these connections we will participate in group activations, creativity and a Ceremony to welcome and integrate the power of the Lady of the Lake. Once again we will work to raise our consciousness and align with the Light Codes and Higher Energies of the Bodensee Portal.

on Sunday we will explore Galactic Shamanic techniques as Star Dream Walkers, to dream the New Earth and the New Reality into Manifest Form with the Lady of the Lake and the Elementals, the Star Nations, The Archangels and Angels and the Spirit Animals. We will created a Sacred Circle/Medicine Wheel as a vortex point for Galactic Reconnection and for grounding the Light Codes and Energies of the New Earth Peace and Abundance in Europe. This will be the culmination of the work of the Group and will be a celebration of New Earth values of Love, Creativity and Sharing.

In these three days you will learn more about yourself and your creativity and you ability to create and manifest your dreams and desires on Earth.  The activations and work with Spirit will bring you closer to the Earth and the Elemental and Devic energies, and they will help you to balance your own energies and align with the Earth and with the Solar and Galactic energies.

This will be a life changing experience for all who wish to enter the New Earth consciousness.

Please join us for a Magical week end!

Organizer : Kirsten Soennecken.  Please contact Kirsten at  for more information and to book your place at the seminar!

Cost : 270 Euro for the week end seminar.  140 Euro for Private Sessions.