Webinar :The New Beginning and your Energy Signature : Creating Sacred Space

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Image by Isabel Bryna

Here we go into 2017 and the Beginning of a New Time Cycle.

So much is happening right now and so many changes all around us.  In February we will enter into the first Solar and Lunar Eclipses of the year, bringing the first major shifts of the year.  Many people are feeling anxious and uncertain about the future and their lives....what will 2017 bring?

In our first Webinar of 2017  we will explore how we can find Peace, Joy and Direction in a seemingly chaotic and directionless world.  Within the chaos we can find Harmony and Love by working with our Energy Signature, which will not only empower us, but will also enable us to be a powerful force for transformation and Higher Consciousness wherever we go.

These are some of the questions that will be discussed and answered in our Webinar sessions:

Who am I in this New Cycle?

What is my Energy Signature or Frequency?

What am I creating/co-creating in this Cycle?

Who is my Soul Creator Collective/Soul Family?  How do I find them and how do they find me?

What is my Soul Purpose in this wave/cycle?  Has it changed?

Am I in the "right" Soul Frequency/Location for my work?

How do I express my Soul's growth in this cycle?

The Online Classes and Gatherings for the Course

There will be five online meetings, three classes where we share information and activations, and two online gatherings to share ceremony, meditation and activations and to work with our Global Energy Signature and imprint.  The 2nd February and the 11th February are both 2/2/1 energies, and are powerful moments of New Beginning and Sacred Divine Feminine/Galactic Energy.  It will be a powerful time to join together in group sharing of the Sacred Energies.

Class One : 29th January : Your Personal Energy Signature and Sacred Space. Activation with Archangel Michael.

Gathering/Ceremony for the 2/2 : 2nd February

Class Two : 5th February : Energy Signature Transmission on the Community and Planetary levels. Activations with Archangel Michael.

Full Moon/Eclipse Gathering and Ceremony : 11th February.

Class Three :  12th February : The Planetary Energy Signature and Multi-Dimensional Access points to Divine Cosmic Consciousness.  This is really great New Information for this Cycle and our relationship with the Galaxy. Activations with Archangel Michael and the Andromedan Light Beings.

Venue : Our Online Classes will be held in the Zoom Global Webinar Room.  There are 100 seats available and these are allocated on a first come first serve basis. On payment you will be added to the Webinar mailing list and sent all the necessary information to access the Webinar room and the Vimeo Recordings if you are unable to attend the live sessions.

Dates : 29th January, 2nd February, 5th February, 11th February and 12th February.

Time : 7.00 pm Cape Town/South Africa time.

Payment : 120 US Dollars.  This includes attendance at the live online webinar sessions via Zoom, as well as access to the recordings of the sessions on Vimeo, and the Course Notes.

Payment can be made below to secure your place in the Online Zoom Webinar Room: