The New Earth Soul : Exciting new Webinar Course for July and August 2015

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The New Earth Soul: The Emerging Multi-Dimensional Diamond Reality and Your Life

In this exciting new Webinar Course with Celia Fenn, you will be guided into an understanding of how you can embrace and embody the New Energies that are anchoring on Earth in July and August of 2015.

The Course starts on the 25th of July, which is also known as the "Day Out of Time". This is the day before the Planetary New Year, and it is a Magical and Creative Day, a perfect time to release the past and focus the intention to create the future together with a group of heart linked persons around the world. We will do a guided Activation with Archangel Michael that will help you to release all past time lines that you have completed and to use the power of the Diamond Light Codes to create new timelines into the future on the New Earth. On the 26th of July we will share in a special Global Circle and New Year Ceremony to welcome in the Diamond Light and the New Year of 2015/6 on Earth.

In the second class, on the 1st of August,you will be guided in the process of finding your Soul Purpose on Earth through connecting with the Creative Essence of your Diamond Soul. Again, Archangel Michael will guide us in a powerful Activation to energize our Soul Purpose and make it a reality on Earth. Then, on the 8th of August, the 8/8/8 and the Lion's Gate climax, we will again share in a Global Sacred Circle to celebrate the powerful creative energies on Earth and in ourselves.

The third class, on the 12th of August, will be at the closing of the Lion's Gate, and will assist you to fully claim your power as a Master of Manifestation, and to let you know that you are fully able to create and manifest what you need in your life at this time. The Angelic Realms and the Beings of Light will be present in our closing Activation to create Peace, Love and Abundance on Earth and in our lives!

In this course you can expect the folllowing:

*To understand your Soul Purpose in the New Energy 

*To understand the Global and Personal Changes taking place in July and August 

*To feel confident in your ability to work with the powerful economic shifts now taking place 

*To explore your Soul Creativity in the 6th Dimension 

*To understand what it means to be a Multi-Dimensional Human

*To work with the Diamond Light and the Diamond Codes in the process of manifestation

Dates : Sat 25th July, Sun 26th July, Sat 1st August, Sat 8th August and Wed 12th August

Time : 7.00PM South African time

Cost : 120 US Dollars. The Course Fee includes attendance at all the Global Webinar Room events, sessions and activities which will be live events and not pre-recorded. You will also receive  Course Notes and Mp3 Recordings of all Events and Sessions.

The Webinars will be held online via Citrix "Go To Webinar". You can use a Computer, Tablet, Smartphone or Telephone to join the webinars. If you are unable to attend all the classes and events you will be able to follow in your own time with the mp3 recordings which will be made available to you after the events for download and private use.

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