The Three Eclipses Activations with the Global Circle of Crystal Skulls

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The Global Circle of Crystal Skulls invites you to join us for this exciting series of Online Activation Webinars.

As we enter into June and July we will experience a series of three Eclipses - two Lunar Eclipses and a Solar Eclipse - that will occur just before and congruent with the June Solstice!

We can expect that there will be powerful shifts in the Earth's new Crystalline Matrix as well as in our own Crystalline Light Body.

The Crystal Skulls have invited us to come together to work with them, with our own Skulls and with the Global Community to anchor these energies.

The gatherings of the Global Crystal Skull Community will take place via Zoom, and will be hosted by Celia Fenn, Anastasia Hayes Piper and Pam Thiel.  Each session will be approximately an hour and will include channeled information and activations, and a time for questions and answers.

Here is the program:

Webinar One: Friday 5th June at 7PM Cape Town time

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse will be in Sagittarius (Gemini Sun).  This is an exciting alignment because Sagittarius is on the Galactic Center in terms of the zodiac, and we can expect powerful Light Codes to be transmitted via the Galactic Center.  This is the New Energy of the incoming Golden Age, and we can expect a powerful experience.  There will be an activation and a channel with the Skulls.

Webinar Two : Sunday 21 June at 7.00PM Cape Town time

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer takes place a day after the Solstice on the 20th June.  The Planet will still be very strongly in the Solstice energy, and powerful transmissions of Divine Feminine energy will be received.

Our Circle of Skulls will guide us through these energies with channels and activations.

Webinar Three: Sunday 5 July at 7.00PM Cape Town time

The second Lunar Eclipse will be on the 5th of July, and it will fall in Capricorn.

We can expect fireworks, not just because this is the day after the 4th of July in the USA, but because Capricorn is still powerfully influencing transformation on the Earth.  At this time Pluto and Jupiter will be conjunct at 23 degrees of Capricorn.

The Crystal Skulls will provide guidance and love as we move towards the Galactic New Year on the 26th July.

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Payment :  99 US Dollars for the 3 webinars.  This includes access to the live transmissions and replay access that will be available on Vimeo.

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Celia, Anastasia and Pam and the Global Circle of Crystal Skulls

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