Visit to Turkey May 2016

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Dear Friends

I will be making a visit to Turkey from the 5th to the 11th of May 2016.

In that time I will be doing a one day Workshop/Seminar in Istanbul on Saturday the 7th of May, and in Izmir on Sunday the 8th of May.

There will also be opportunities for Private Sessions in both centers.

The seminars and consultations will be in English with professional Turkish translation.

I look forward to working with you all again.


"The Emerald Codes : The Second Phase of the Ascension Process".  This seminar will focus on new information from Archangel Michael about the next phase of the Ascension process and the integration of the Emerald Codes and the Earth Magic Body.  This is exciting information as we learn how to balance the Light Body and the Golden Christ Consciousness light and the Diamond Codes with the Emerald Codes and the Earth Magic Body.  This will help us to step fully into our Power as Souls in Physical Form and to take charge of our "Story" as Storytellers and Light Weavers in the New Earth.

This is important knowledge, as it will assist us to find a place of Peace and Harmony within our Heart and Soul, and also within our physical environment at a time when chaos seems to be increasing around us and on our Earth.  In Activations with Archangel Michael you will learn how to balance your 13 Chakra energy system and harmonise the flows of the Light Body and the Earth Magic Body.  Once this balance is achieved, you can empower yourself to work actively with the process of manifesting reality through Co-creation with Spirit and through working with your Soul Team and your Clan Families on Earth.

For information about ISTANBUL seminar and private consultations please contact
Location: Radia - Rumeli Cad. Nur Apt. No:35-37/12 Nişantaşı Şişli
Tel: 0212 296 00 08
For information about IZMIR seminar and private consultations please contact
Location: Yoga Merkezi Urla - 3294 Sok. No:14 Kalabak Urla- Izmir,Turkey
Tel: +90 555 663 46 83

I look forward to meeting you in Turkey in May!

Celia Fenn

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