Webinar Series : Lion's Gate 2019/20 : Total Embodiment of the Soul

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Welcome to our Community Celebration of the Lion's Gate Portal for the 2019 to 2020 cycle.!

The new cycle starts on the 26th of July at the Planetary New Year, and the 2020 cycle promises to be a major shift into new energies.  For many of us it will be like jumping off a cliff with the trust that Spirit will hold us and guide us into our new beginning.  Most importantly, it will be the cycle where we fully embody our soul energy as we begin to live in the higher dimensions of the New Earth as Masters and Creators of our Reality.

In the 6 sessions of the webinar series we will meet together in community in the online Zoom webinar room for an hour long sharing of information and activations with Archangel Michael.  You will learn about the Day out of Time and the Planetary New Year, as well as the Lion's Gate which is the Time Portal that initiates the New Cycle 2019/2020.  We will also connect with the Royal Lion energy of Sirius and Alpha Leonis, which is the Star Nation energy that guides our evolutionary transit through the Lion's Gate as we prepare for Full Soul Embodiment in our Physical form.

The sessions will be live transmission on Zoom, and you are invited to share and participate with our vibrant and loving community.  The energy of sharing with a high frequency community is a joy and a means of evolving and transforming in itself.  There will be two Ceremonies (25th July and 8th August) and 4 information and activations sessions (28th July, 4th, 11th and 18th August).

The sessions are recorded and posted to Vimeo,  so if you are unable to attend the live transmissions you can follow through the Vimeo recordings and the Course notes which are provided to all participants after each live transmission.

The 8/8 Webinar Series Course Outline and Dates:

Session 1 : Thursday 25th July : Community Gathering and discussion of the Day out of Time and the Planetary New Year on the 26th of Jul;y. Session will include an  online Galactic Shamanic Ceremony with Archangel Michael, the Royal Lions and the Star Teachers from Sirius and Alpha Leonis. This will be in preparation for the Soul Embodiment work that will be part of the Lion's Gate transit. Ceremony will include an activation with Archangel Michael and the Royal Lions.

Session 2 : Sunday 28th July : In preparation for the Lion's Gate we will look at transformative power of the "Sacred Marriage" of Higher energies and of Body and Soul.  We will work with Jeshua and Mary Magdalene as well as Isis and Osiris, and we will be guided by the Royal Lion Teachers as well as Archangel Michael in our Group Activation.

Session 3 : Sunday 4th August : From the Activation of the Divine Angelic Template (5/5 Star Gate 2019) to the Full Embodiment of Soul in the physical form (8/8 Stargate 2019).  The process of creating according to the patterns of the Divine Template and the process of Ancestral Healing of the Timelines for both the Individual and the Collective.  Activation with Archangel Michael, the Royal Lions ands the Sirian Teachers.

Session 4 : Thursday 8th August :  Ceremony with Community for the 8/8 Star Gate.  You are invited to participate in a Global Sacred Circle meditation and activation as we transit the 8/8 Portal.

Session 5 : Sunday 11th August :  The final two sessions are integration sessions, where we work as a group to integrate what we have experienced and learnt as we entered the new cycle and transited the Lion's Gate.  We will focus on Soul Embodiment and Mastery and working with Time, Space and the Higher Dimensions in our Spiritual practice and grounding that into New Earth Reality. The session will include an activation with Archangel Michael.

Session 6 :  Sunday 18th August : Integration Energies : Soul Embodiment and Mastery in our daily lives, our soul work, our career and our relationships.  Allowing the New Energy to shape our New Earth Reality as we honor the Magical and Sacred Being that we Are, both as individuals and within our Community and Collective energy. The session will include an activation with Archangel Michael.

Times :  All sessions are at 7.00PM Cape Town time.  You can check here for your local time:

Cost :  The payment is 150 US Dollars for all 6 sessions plus the recording and course notes.

Please make the payment at the link below to reserve your place in the Webinars for the 2019/20 Lion's Gate webinars.