Webinar Series : ReGenesis and the 5/5 Star Gate : The Blessings of New Earth

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In the cycle of the Sacred Year we are now moving towards the most beautiful, gentle and abundant of Star Gates, in the keeping of the Divine Feminine.  This is the 5/5 Star Gate on the 5th of May.

After the powerful and intense journey of the last few months, together with the eclipses, it will be wonderful to allow these more harmonious and beautiful energies into our lives.

We can align with the "field" or flow of Abundance and Divine Love and Compassion that is magnified at the time of the "Taurus" or Goddess Gate.  The Diamond Light and Water codes include powerful activators for Love, Abundance, Home and Relationship energies.

In our online webinar series, we invite you to join us as we explore and integrate this incoming High Frequency energy that will empower us to manifest the New Earth in our hearts and in our environment.  Each session includes an activation with Archangel Michael.

Dates : Sunday April 22, 29th, Saturday May 5th and Sunday May 13th.

Time : 7PM South African Time. Please check your time zone here : www.timeanddate.com/worldclock

Meetings : Online with Zoom

Payment :  130 US Dollars

If you are unable to make the class in person, there will be a video recording that will be posted to Vimeo which you will be able to access. You will also receive class notes to help you to integrate the information.

Sunday 22nd April : The 5/5 Gateway and the Flow of Divine Love and Creative Intelligence.  Here we will consider what is the 5/5 Gateway and how aligning with the incoming energies of the Diamond Light and Water Codes can raise our frequency and help us to manifest New Earth in our Heart and in our Space.  We will explore the importance of Fire/Light and Water in the "creation" of matter "in the beginning" and why these are important now. The 5/5 Gateway is a 4th Dimensional Time Gate which allows us to increase the Diamond Light and Creative capacity of our Time Lines in this cycle of the Sacred Year.  We can use the time before the 5th of May to prepare ourselves to align with these energies in a clear and open way in love and without fear. Archangel Michael will provide the activation to begin our path towards the Sacred 5/5 Portal.

Sunday 29th April : The Blessings of the Divine Feminine and the ReUnion with the Divine Masculine.  The principles of ReGenesis or Rebirth.  In the northern hemisphere it is Spring and the Divine Feminine is felt as the energy of life and beauty.  In the southern hemisphere, it is fall and the blessings of the Divine Feminine is experienced in the richness of the Harvest and the promise of new life after the winter.  We will look at the archetypal stories of Cybele/Demeter and Persephone and also the story of the descent of the Goddess into the underworld to rebirth the Divine Masculine to the Earth.  Now at the time of the 5/5 Gate is the time when the Divine Masculine takes on its power and becomes ready to return to the Earth as the "Green Man" who brings life and abundance in the process of ReGenesis for New Earth.  This will be a wonderful series of "Time Narratives" to prepare for the energy of the 5/5. We will join together with Archangel Michael for an activation with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and the "Green Man".

Saturday 5th May :  The 5/5 Gateway or Portal.  A special transmission that will include a Sacred Circle honoring the elements of Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit.  There will be an activation with Archangel Michael and a message from the Higher Dimensions for participants.

Sunday 13th May :  After the 5/5 we will come together to consolidate our experiences and to learn how we can continue to work with the Divine Creative Intelligence and the Flow of Divine Blessings as we manifest and create in our daily lives.  We will learn how to open "mini portals" to this energy and how to work with synchronicity and miracles, and how to "hitch a ride" with unicorns and dragons into a Magical Reality that is Multi-Dimensional and that includes Time Line Jumping and Parallel Universe hopping.  But all in a practical way that helps you to make sense of your life and your reality and helps you to live your best life and be open to the happiness and joy that is your "natural" state as a Galactic Being of Light on a temporary assignment to Diamond Planet Earth at the incredible time when she shifts into her Diamond State.  There will also be an activation with Archangel Michael to assist in integrating these energies moving forward.

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