In the Flow


Conversations with Celia

Welcome to my page where I engage people in conversations about all sorts of topics in the Spiritual and Metaphysical realms.

These are not "interviews" as such, but rather topic driven conversations about events and people that are in the flow of  current events and interests.


Ronna Herman and Working with Archangel Michael

Ronna is probably the foremost channel of Archangel Michael on Earth today, and in her 92nd year it was an absolute joy to speak with her and enjoy her wisdom.

Conversation with Ronna Herman : Working with Archangel Michael from Celia Fenn on Vimeo.

 Anastasia Hayes Piper and Pam Thiel in the USA about the Crystal Skulls and their work with us in this time.

Earlier Conversations

Conversation with Cristina Morichetti in Northern Italy about the Effects of the Coronavirus on Spiritual work and daily life.

Conversation with Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall in Australia about the catastrophic fires in Australia.

Conversation with Baiba Kranate in Latvia, Europe about the importance of the Forests and the Natural World.